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  • Almond

    Price 850
    Healthy, tasty, delicately flavoured almonds are available throughout the year. This nut is actually the seed of the fruit of Almond tree. It has good health promoting fats and also reduces the risk of heart diseases.
  • Dry cherry

    Price 440
    A flavorful, sweet, tart taste dried cherries are a perfect addition to your diet. The dried cherry contains a good source of Vitamin C which supports the growth of tissues and helps in the wound healing after injury. Dried cherries are popularly used in salads, sandwiches, or in whole grain muffins, they simply taste like heaven.
  • Dry Pineapple

    Price 360
    Dehydrated Pineapple or dried pineapple is a nourishing snack which is low in calories, but rich in vitamins and minerals. The dried pineapple is chewy and a perfect substitute for sugar candies as the dried fruit is enriched with good nutritional benefits.
  • Dry Mango

    Price 320
    A better alternative to sugar candy and sweets is dried fruits and Dry Mango is irresistibly tasty and also rich in calories and carbohydrates. The sugar in mango is a source of energy to the brain and the fiber content supports the digestive tract. Dried mango has enriching benefits.
  • Dry Banana

    Price 450
    Worried of banana becoming soggy and soft? Try dried banana, which has same enriching taste and benefits as the fruit. The dried bananas have concentrated sources of calories and nutrients and are four times higher in vitamin B-6.
  • Dry Kiwi

    Price 350
    Do you love kiwi? Enjoy the dried form of kiwi anytime, any day. You can store it for a long time and cherish it every day. The dried kiwi has umpteen health benefits. Let us see some of them.
  • Dehyradated Grapes

    Price 850
    How about homemade raisins? It is plumper and tastier than the normal raisins you get in the market. Fruit papa, provides quality dehydrated grapes that are quality rich, nutritious, tasty and enriching. The dehydrated grapes are obtained through a simple process.
    • The fruits are laid on a clean dehydrated tray after washing thoroughly in water.
    • The grapes with seeds are cut into halves and is placed in a dehydrator at a temperature of 135 degrees.
    • It is dehydrated for 24-48 hrs.
  • Pista

    Price 1,300
    Pistachio or Pista is a fruit, the yellow colored seed kernel which is covered by the fruit , is actually eaten as it is edible. This nutrient-rich nut has a lot of health benefits. The greenish colored nut is tasty and served best as the snack or topped on sweets and ice-creams.
  • Cashewnuts

    Price 1,400
    A crunchy, tasty and most loved nut all over, is rich in vitamins and minerals.It is generally considered to be an energy booster and is widely used in ice-creams, fruit salads, sweets, and snacks. The cashew nut is attached to the pear-shaped fruit, which resembles a clapper in the bell.The fruit to which the nut is attached at the bottom is called “ Cashew Apples”.Cashew nuts apart from being tasty is also very nutritious.
  • Dry Grapes

    Price 1,230
    Serve it as a snack, or top it on desserts, flavored rice or Ice-cream; Dry grapes are yummy in taste and have high nutritional benefits too.


10 Item(s)

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