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Imported Fruits


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  • Cherry

    Price 350
    Relish the glossy, golden red, juicy cherries during fall and early winter. Cherries are a pre-historic fruit, originating from Africa, Europe and parts of Turkey. It was discovered at an early period dating from 4000-5000BC. This fruit was brought to India from the Middle East during the reign of Emperor Akbar. Today, India ranks 26th position in the production of cherries in the world.
  • Washington apple

    Price 169
    The Washington apples or the Red delicious is one of the fifteen most popular apple cultivars in the United States. It is heart shaped, crunchy and mildly sweet.
  • Star Fruit

    Price 60
    Carambola or star fruit is popular in Southeast Asia or south pacific. It has distinctive ridges running down its sides and when cut, the cross section is star shaped. It has a sweet and sour flavor and is eaten as whole or served as juice. It is light green to yellow in color and has an attractive smooth waxy surface. It has ample health benefits.
  • Mini Orange

    Price 33
    Native to China, the mini oranges also known as Mandarin resembles the common oranges but is tiny, bright yellow or orange in colour. The peel of the fruit is thin and the fruit is sweet and juicy. It is used in salads and can be eaten raw too. The peel of the fruit contains essential oils which are used in perfumes and in skin care preparations.
  • Raspberry

    Price 230
    Raspberry is a bright red conical fruit which has a taste that varies from sweet to acidic. It tastes similar to strawberries. Raspberry was discovered at Roman forts in Britain. It was later spread throughout Europe. This wonderfully delicious fruit has ultimate health.
  • Durian

    Price 155
    Popularly called as the “King of fruits” in Southeast Asia, Durian is believed to have originated in Borneo and has spread its cultivation in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines. With a spiny hard shell covering a yellow, custardy fruit inside, it has a delectable taste, which is hard to resist. Although known for its notorious aroma, Durian has awesome health benefits which cannot be overlooked.
  • Mangosteen

    Price 180
    The queen of tropical fruits, Mangosteen is believed to be originated from the Sunda Islands and Moluccas of Indonesia. From there it was traversed to Europe and then to America. The arils are juicy, sweet and tangy. It has a deep purple thick outer rind that covers the fruit. This fruit is grown largely in the southeast region and Thailand is the largest producer and exporter of Mangosteen.
  • Rambutan

    Price 95
    Rambutan is an exotic fruit which earns it origination from south East Asia and its name is derived from Malay-Indonesian word, which means many hairs. Rambutan has soft spines outside and a white, soft, sweet flesh inside. The fruit may contain some juice and it feels like heaven to eat the flesh, dripping sweet. One cannot be satisfied by its taste alone; it has enriching health benefits too.
  • Dragon fruit

    Price 120
    Loaded with Vitamin C, dragon fruit is originated from Vietnam. It belongs to a type of cactus and is sweet, crunchy in taste with mind-blowing health benefits. It has the flavor that crosses between kiwi and pear.
  • Thai Guavas

    Price 80
    Thai guavas have a texture and shape similar to apple. Slightly larger than the size of an apple, this fruit is available during spring and fall. Thai guavas are light green in color, with white flesh inside and a cluster of small hard seeds at the center. Thai guavas are known as Farang in Thai. The Thai guavas are rich in Vitamin C and Potassium.
  • Longan

    Price 45
    Grown as clusters and known as the “little brother of the lychee”, the Longan fruit with a thin, brittle brown rind and soft, translucent, whitish, mildly sweet flesh is a tropical member of the soapberry family. Also known as a dragon’s eye or eyeball, this small fruit has umpteen health benefits.
  • Kiwi

    Price 65
    An egg-shaped, greenish, tangy fruit also known as Chinese gooseberry has a soft texture and a unique flavor. Its taste varies from sweet to tart. It is known to be diversely flavored. Although the fruit is small in size, it has excellent benefits.


Items 1 to 12 of 18 total

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